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Homelink Garage Door Opener Install

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Why install a homelink garage door opener?
I personally find lugging a garage door opener with you in the car to be quite annoying. The homelink is a versatile garage door opener with many exiting possibilities. Plus it is designed to fit perfectly into your car, without hanging down from your visors. I say it's quite worth it.

This is not really a difficult job but if you can't use a utility knife (razor blade) without cutting yourself, this job might not be for you.

Parts Needed
(You don't have to buy a new trim piece, but since I plan on taking it out of my car if I eventually sell it, I decided to buy a new one. Plus I wanted some insurance in case I messed things up. Nevertheless, its all up to you. The basic steps are all the same. Note: this part number is for models with a sunroof only!)
BMW OEM Homelink Garage Door Opener (BMW P# 82-11-1-470-125) $145

Tools Needed
Utlity Knife
Butter Knife

Homelink Instructions

New trim piece

Scoring the trim piece

Cutting and removing the fabric

The removed plastic rectangle

Prepare the new trim piece
1. Using a utility knife, score around the rectangle where the homelink will go. Use some force, but not too much. Just keep going over the area until you see that you are through.
2. Cut an area where you will remove the front fabric. Make it slightly smaller than the back of the square. This will make the install look seamless and of course, professional.
3. Using a butter knife or other blunt object, peel off the fabric.
4. Remove the plastic square.


The homelink

The installed homelink

Install the homelink
5. Take your homelink and slide it into the newly cut trim pice until the plastic tabs hold it in. Since there is fabric also, it might take a bit of effort, but it will fit in there.


Carefully pry with a screwdriver on the back side of the trim piece

The trim piece will pop out

Closeup of the sunroof switch wire

Reinstall the vent

Reinstall the sunroof switch

Remove the old trim piece, and transfer the vent and sunroof switch
6. Using a screwdriver, carefully pry on the back side of the trim piece. With a little bit of effort it will pop off.
7. If you have the sunroof option on your car, carefully remove the sunroof wire from the back of the sunroof switch. It's probably on there tight, but it will come of eventually.
8. Transfer the sunroof switch and vent by popping them out of the old trim piece and putting them into the new trim piece.


Notice the homelink wire in the back

A closeup of the homelink wire

The installed homelink

A homelink ready to go

Locate the sun roof wire, reattach all the wires, and reinstall
9. Locate the sunroof wire, it will look like the wire in the first picture to the right. It will most likely be wrapped in black tape, which you will have to undo so that the wire will reach the homelink device okay. It might be pushed back in the passenger side of the headliner area, so make sure to take a good look.
10. Reinstall the sunroof switch wire and attach the new homelink wire (it will only go in one way.
11. Pop the trim piece in exactly the same way you took it off taking care to have the wires out of the way.
12. Enjoy your new homelink!

Review and Conclusions

It works great and I am very pleased. The programming instructions are quite easy and I've had no problems synching it up with my rolling code garage door opener (just make sure to use the training mode on the back of your garage door opener itself). Someday I'll have to get some other devices so I can turn on my lights in the house from the comfort of my car. Till them I will just enjoy being able to not lug around that garage door opener. To me the price is worth it, but to each their own opinion. I'm happy and that's good enough for me!



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